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When? 03.03.18

What time does it start? 10am

What time does it finish? 12pm

What is the HUSTLE? Its a quarterly support group for creatives and small business, run by Rox Webster. The HUSTLE group is made up of around 500 folk all trying to make a living doing something they love. The aim is to sharing what we've learnt, listening to others and supporting one another. The group is really relaxed, you don't have to be a member, have a business or a website to join in, just ideas and experiences will do.

Who's the HUSTLE for? Anyone creative, anyone who has a small businesses, a start up, if you're a maker, a local business, anyone who thinks they have something to offer or an experience worth sharing.

What happens at a typical HUSTLE group? Normally we go around the group, talking about why were here, what we're currently doing and where we would like to be, each person gets 1 minutes to introduce themselves. If you're a regular you can talk about what you've been up to since your last HUSTLE. We like to give everyone the chance to talk as this leads on to other interesting conversions and helps other people be inspired and get motivated, after this we mingle and connect with who ever we like.

Where? UNIT 36, The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, LE8 0PJ - Occasionally we'll take it on the road to focus on an inspiring business and hold the group in their venue.

Age: 16+

Do I need to bring any thing with me? Note pad and pen, business cards or information, don't worry if you haven't got any of the above.

Cancellation: Sorry no refunds - However if you can't make it after buying a ticket people share this info in our FACE BOOK HUSTLE GROUP that way someone can buy the ticket from you.

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