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Leicester - Friday 29th September


Image of Leicester - Friday 29th September

Social workshop, with me, Roxanna Webster, owner and maker of STUDIO NL and YOUNG DOUBLE.

I've been running my business for just over 3 years and I wanted to share my experience and knowledge of social media [ mainly instagram ] and how it has helped me grow my business.

I run three insta accounts, please take a look @studionl, @studionlworkshops and @young.double

The day I set up my business I opened an instagram account, now most of my sales are generated by social media, however it's a lot more work than just posting a picture once or twice a day, its 24/7 this is why I've put together this workshop, it's isn't something I thought I'd do, but after being given the confidence via our HUSTLE Facebook group I thought this workshop would benefit a lot of people.

I've got two dates available: Friday 29th September 6pm

Duration: 3 hours

We'll break for drinks which are included - You're welcome to bring a bite to eat if think you might be peckish

Location: STUDIO NL, The Manor, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicestershire, LE8 0PJ

Ability: open to all

Please bring a note book and pen

During the workshop we'll cover the following areas…

- Photography, my tips for getting the best quality photos from your phone and what type of photos work on social media

- Engagement / interaction

- Activity / tips

- How to log your journey / brand story

- Customer service, expectations of customers and conduct

- Loyalty / retention

I want to just say, the above is all information that has worked for me, I'll try my very best to share as much of my knowledge as possible, but its up to you to make it happen!